Day 17: Hey Diddley Ho Good Neighbor!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The kids are building either a PVC flute or a cigar box diddley bow. Most of my attention today was on the latter, including my own diddley bow. When we’re done, we’ll use the flutes and diddley bows to study the physics of music. I’m anticipating hitting resonance, standing waves, harmonics, and mathematics of musical scales.


Some details from my diddley bow

Materials (total cost: $6-$7 each):


  • drill with 1/16″ bit, 3/8″ spade bit, and 2″ hole saw bit
  • saw
  • dremel tool
  • safety glasses

If you have money for just one power tool in your room, a Dremel tool would be my choice. So versatile!


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