Day 86: Planning, Sorry-Not-Sorry

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Today, I worked with my planning partner on a JanTerm project to build a photo booth using a Raspberry Pi and a touchscreen. The directions were missing several crucial details, so I dumped them in a Google Doc and added the needed info.

One of the problems building stuff in class, especially when it stretches the kids, is that frustration sets in easier. We saw this last year and some of the most thoughtful feedback on the subject was “choose projects with good, detailed instructions.” Hopefully my work pays off in January!

It’s finals week and we were fortunate to get our “bye” day proctoring together so we could do this work.

And a sorry-not-sorry moment: I’ve missed a bunch of blog-a-day posts this semester. There are pictures for a numberĀ of them and half-written blogs for a few of those. I’ve decided to dump the drafts because I’d rather be focused on the now. Enjoy a few unpublished photos from my media gallery:

I’ve also been leaking exam hints on my Instagram:

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Day 62: Realizing You Can Focus an Image

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

This student just realized he can focus objects at different distances on his card.

After they figure out how to calculate the focal length of the lens they pulled from the box, I asked kids to decide which object placement would be most useful for each of these five applications: movie projector, camera, photocopier, lighthouse, or magnifying glass.

This is from my lens lab. Get it in Word or PDF formats.