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My name is Megan and I teach physics.

This 180 days of teaching blog will chronicle my 2013-14 school year, one day at a time. Key influencers for my project are Fran Poodry, Kelly O’Shea, Estimation 180, and Frank Noschese. I’ve learned so much about classroom practice from these blogs — it’s amazing how far a picture and a few sentences from them have taken me.

My class isn’t always interesting, progressive, or even a display of good pedagogy. Showing off my classroom practice daily is intimidating. Unlike my fear of heights, however, I’m willing to face this one down. Here goes nothing!

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One thought on “About

  1. Hello. I am a fellow Physics teacher from Texas. I wish that I could say that I was a recovering math teacher, but they can’t seem to let me kick the habit and give me a couple of classes every year. I found your information form a post you made about using Superheroes in the classroom. I am currently in the process of working to integrate that into my curriculum, and have spent this summer doing research. If you are open to collaborating I would love to email with ya to see how to do this well. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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