Day 14: Prototype Instruments Graded

Tuesday, 2 September 2014 Students had to submit a video or writeup on Friday that showed the results of their prototyping with a musical instrument. I gave the kids several discussion prompts and stressed that I wanted videos to resemble a casual discussion between student and teacher. Several kids did a wonderful job — pictured here is […]

Day 131: STEAM Show Opening

Wednesday, 16 March 2017 Today was opening day for the school STEAM show. I contributed work from students on the following projects: Pinhole Photography (Physics) Musical Instruments (Physics) LED arrays (JanTerm) Repurposed material lamps (JanTerm) View this post on Instagram LED array, built by makers in my JanTerm, and fresh out of the STEAM show. […]

Day 19: Getting Observed

Friday, 9 September 2016 I spent about twice the time I planned building instruments this week. Ugh, I hate running behind. But I knew it was the right choice in the last half of 6th period when I realized every group had a working instrument. A highlight was one kid realizing that halving the length of a string sent […]

Day 18: W. Paces Ferry Trade School

Thursday, 8 September 2016 Today in my classroom: Cheerleaders used power tools, kids tested their high-frequency hearing, and exactly zero blood was drawn. With the amount of power tool training I’ve done in the past week, you’d think our school’s name was W. Paces Ferry Trade School. Today is the day I learned about the Sharpie […]