Days 37-38: Collision Day

Wednesday, Oct 24 and Thursday, Oct 25, 201820181023_085603

Today, students tested their buggy collision predictions. For the last week, they’ve had access to the buggies to measure speeds. Since Monday, they’ve had their buggy starting positions.

The course was about 6m long:


Students developed a variety of models to predict the collision location. We put an emphasis on the models agreeing:20181025_091954

Students walked into class with a prediction for a collision time and location. We had them put down a target on the floor and coordinate with their project partner to launch the cars at the same time (harder than it sounds). Here a few collision videos:

In retrospect, the release timing is so important I have a few suggestions:

  • When assigning start positions for the buggies, try to set all with approximately the same ∆x. This will make it more fair for everyone.
  • Allow do-overs if kids obviously release their cars at different times. I hate that all that good physics work can get erased because the cars get released at slightly different times.

Kids left class with instructions to produce a video to present their models of the collision. These videos are due on Monday.


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