Day 175: Interesting Momentum Problem

Thursday, 18 May 2017

I found this great question in an old textbook and loved it because of how it pulls together multiple topics we’ve learned:

A 300 g ball is dropped from a height of 90 cm and bounces back up to 66 cm. The change in momentum of the ball is

a. 0.18 kg m/s

b. 1.26 kg m/s

c. 2.34 kg m/s

d. 2.52 kg m/s

e. none of the above

In the lead-up to the exam next week, I gave the kids two exam review quizzes this week. Students took the quizzes in class and checked against an answer key. They then took the quizzes home and worked out the correct solutions and turned in a hopefully-perfect quiz. I graded the final result as a quiz grade.

This worked out to be a wonderful exam study tool and the above question was probably the most challenging thing on it.


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