Day 141: Back to the Challenge Course

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

In class, we’ve been learning in the traditional ways about forces like friction and in experiential ways about ideas like torque. This blended approach deserves its own teacher-focused reflection, and that will happen, but my update today is about the two different directions the classes took in a single period.

For Physics of the Challenge Course, we have two main goals — learn about forces in a real setting and build empathy by proposing a universally accessible element to the school for future construction. I can handle the first topic. The second required an expert and last week, we were fortunate to have Ben Kopp from Signature Research visit our classes. He spoke about building Challenge Courses and designing them for those in wheelchairs.

Today, some groups needed to go back to the Challenge Course to get photos or try out an idea. I accompanied them.


The Team Wall folks needed additional photos and video for their project.


Also, they wanted to see what it looks like to come down the back side of the wall so they might propose an accessible way.

Meanwhile, other groups needed time to work through their ideas. Every group will present their universally accessible challenge element, produce a video, as well as write a proposal. The groups in the classroom today used their time to make diagrams and record voiceovers.


Whale Watch is a giant see-saw that these students redesigned to be wheelchair-accessible.


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