Day 133: Leadership Training for Discovery

Friday, 17 March 2017

This week, I’ve been involved in a leadership training course for new Discovery Leaders. These are students who will be facilitating our experiential ed program for freshmen. The leaders have been learning how our program works, how to facilitate and debrief, as well as safety regulations. It’s a great group and I’m proud to have been part of their initial training.


These new leaders first participate in an activity then later learn how to lead it themselves.

Throughout the week, I’ve worked closely with Emily, a colleague who runs the student leadership program, as well as three experienced leaders, passing on the torch.

Our leaders will facilitate all sorts of on campus activities, from the Challenge Course above, to a trust sequence, to games like elbow tag. Along the way, the freshmen they ultimately lead, will learn to work as a team and to think of the group’s best interest.

High school offers many leadership opportunities and this is my favorite of them all. The students who opt to become Discovery Leaders are some of my favorite kids on campus.


Discovery leaders explore Lake Allatoona while on their training expedition, on March 18. This, just after we learned how to lead freshmen in assembling and eating a trail lunch.


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