Day 108: What is Free Fall?

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

I wanted to teach them video analysis so they dropped golf balls and learned a little about freefall as well. Later, we went outside and I chucked a bocce ball as high in the air as I could. They filmed it:


I try to get the students to understand plotting position and scaling on the first go around. These days, I try to do most kinematics labs using video analysis only (as opposed to breaking out the motion detectors or photogates). I do that because the kids get pretty darned good at video analysis after we’ve done it a bunch.

Pro tip: though your computer has a built in camera, resist using it for video analysis. The frame rate and resolution aren’t that great.

By the way, my video analysis software of choice is Logger Pro because it comes preloaded on the student computers. A good free alternative is Tracker.

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