Day 91: Decatur Makers Field Trip

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

How many of you are makers?


Today, we visited Decatur Makers, an educationally-focused makerspace. The volunteers at DM taught us how to solder, helping us assemble our Weevil Eyes:

The Weevil Eye is the perfect learn-to-solder kit! For $15, you get a chance to solder resistors, a transistor, LEDs, a photocell, and a battery holder. It takes about an hour to learn the basics of circuit board soldering and build the bug.

While the soldering was wonderful (100% success rate, btw!), my favorite part of the trip was seeing the kids’ eyes go wide when we walked into the makerspace. They didn’t even bother to play it cool, I heard “oohs” and “aahs” when they laid eyes on Power Racing Series cars, a giant steampunk-themed sculpture, lantern parade lanterns, and floor-to-ceiling material storage. Makerspaces, we told the kids, are a great place to continue your making career after the class ends and you need access to tools you don’t have at home.


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