Day 3: Slangles

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


The kiddos in 4th period calculated the speed of a wave traveling through a slinky. Some of them even discovered longitudinal waves in the process. Other groups created tangled messes (see above and credit to @physicsbjork for the portmanteau ‘slangles’), sigh.

One change this year: I divided up longer labs so that they would fit in a single class period. My thinking is that, at least at the beginning of the year, kids were stressed when I’d hand them a multi-day lab, I had trouble pacing the lab, and we weren’t reflecting on the parts of a lab as well as I wanted. I figure that since I was good at circling up with kids at the end of a lab, I’d just create artificial lab endings by having more. Here are two parts that used to be one:

This is my 4th year doing the daily blog thing.

  • Day 3 from 2015 (where I featured more pictures from students, a practice I forgot about but want to return to)
  • Day 3 from 2014 (where I focused on building vocabulary)
  • Day 3 from 2013 (where I wrote about challenging kids to make waves travel faster through a slinky — something I did today as well)

I’ve been teaching the same course this whole time. How do y’all keep it up?


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