Day 149: Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Monday, 11 April 2016


We started this lab last week but once I saw the stress level of the kids as we headed into a unit test, I opted to move the lab to the first day after the test. The drawback, of course, is that the lab felt disconnected from our learning. The upside is that the lab went super-smooth.

Today, we verified our setups by checking a few data points from last week, then fired away. Almost everyone landed in the 2nd zone below my face (where the bowtie is) and a few landed right on my face.

This is one of those labs I call satisfying because it’s performance based and most folks do pretty well on it.

A few tweaks this year made this lab go better than ever before:

  • Make the zones into horizontal stripes rather than a bullseye. Removes almost all side-to-side problems.
  • Make the kids “buy” a second shot at the target, which is only useful if you completely miss the page on your first shot.
  • Require a 5 minute time limit between taping the target to the floor and the kids telling you where they’re dropping from.
  • Make ramp stands out of scrap wood for easier propping.

One tweak I want to do next year to get a smoother transition to the table:

  • 3D print a little triangle piece that snaps into the end of the ramp

Here’s one team’s first attempt at the target:

Here you go: Hit Me with Your Best Shot (Word file)


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