Day 116: Bag & Tag Party

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


As one of the coaches for FIRST Robotics Competition Team #2415, a goal I’ve been working on this year is bringing the team together more often. Our build days are “come when you can” so that our younger students often don’t feel the cohesiveness of a team until we hit our first competition.

So, on Bag & Tag day — the day we’re ordered to stop building our competition robot — I organized a party to recognize the event. We invited parents and sponsors to join the kids as we put the robot into the bag. wp-1456413117197.jpg

I’d estimate 30 parents came out for the event. It was the first time nearly all of them had seen our robot and gotten a tour of our workshop. At 8pm, I said a few words to the crowd and then we bagged the robot.

wp-1456413122498.jpgMany students, who felt unfinished with the robot at the appointed time, were frustrated by the event because we forced them to permanently bag the robot four hours before the official end of Bag & Tag day. I hope that moving forward we can have our robot to a better place before the party, because it’s staying.

We also got a treat when our longest-standing sponsor, Jim Black and his family who represent Greenguard, came out to give us his famous cheer and share homemade ice cream.

The FRC #2415 WiredCats competition season includes:


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