Days 102-110: Discovery Takeover

Tuesday, 2 Feb through Friday, 12 Feb 2016


Learning patient assessment in Wilderness First Aid class.

Tuesday, 2 Feb: I’m teaching a Discovery course last week and this. Discovery is a leadership and outdoor education program for all freshmen at my school. Students do two weeks of class on campus (4-6pm daily) and a weekend expedition. This course’s theme is Wilderness First Aid and includes instruction with the option of certification at the end. Above, two student leaders practice patience assessment on campus today.


The entire group runs through the Turnstile.

Thursday, 4 Feb: At Discovery today, we played one of my favorite games, Turnstile. In the game, the team has to build up to running through a jump rope all at the same time without touching.


Pretty much perfect force vs time graph for about 3 kg of mass.

Wednesday, 10 Feb: We developed graphs of force versus time using a force probe. My advice to the kids was push as lightly as possible until you get the block to break free from friction.


A tiny plasma cutter

Thursday, 11 Feb: At the Atlanta Metro Physics Teachers meeting, two different teachers brought these tiny plasma cutters to demo. We also heard from guest speaker Dr. Patrick Enderle from Georgia State on Argumentation in Science Classrooms. He co-developed a learning framework called Argument Driven Inquiry.


Introducing friction problem-solving.

Friday, 12 Feb: Today I made up a few friction-y problems (above and below). Previously this week, we finished our lab (above) where the kids had to figure out the relationship between an applied force just moving the block and the weight of a block.



My stickers arrived! Stickermule rocks — turnaround within a work week!


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