Day 111: HowStuffWorks Visit

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


So I help coach this robotics team (FRC #2415 The WiredCats!) and today we got to pick the brains of their podcasting crew for advice on our own podcast. The trip included a tour of their new-ish offices at Ponce City Market, a huge redevelopment near midtown Atlanta. Above is me clowning in the studio where Stuff You Should Know is recorded.

My favorite bit of advice is that you should absolutely reach out for interviews because people are more approachable than you think. We also talked about how important a listener mail segment is to including your audience in your show. And the kids had a chance to ask great questions like “how do you balance entertaining and informative?”

Tech advice included:

  • invest in the best mic you can (Snowball and Yeti USB mics are great) for everyone who will be speaking
  • hang blankets or foam to knock down echos your studio
  • monitor while you record so you can adjust audio levels on the fly
  • say “beep” whenever you make a mistake — the blip on the audio track will be esay for the person editing to pick up on and edit out
  • put your interviewee at ease by telling them up front you’ll be editing
  • don’t be afraid ask your interviewee to restate their point if you think they could say it more succinctly — they’ll appreciate being asked
  • craft your interview questions so that you can edit yourself asking them out



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