Day 97: Easing Into 2nd Semester

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

In other news, I kicked off spring semester with two games: Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors just for fun and Paper Airplanes to disguise the assigned seating process. Paper Airplanes isn’t at all a grouping game, so I put a tiny, inconspicuous colored dot on each paper. Five colors for five tables. Kids got random sheets of paper, played Paper Airplanes and afterwards, I told them to locate the color and group up. Once they find their table group, they pick which table they sit at.

After, we rolled a bowling ball across the tile foyer trying to change its path after the ball left our hands. You know, “an object in motion…” Only one kid in class could do it, so we decided he’s a Jedi. Yes, we’re starting the study of forces.


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