Day 96: Making Way for Snow

Friday, 22 January 2016


Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 5.19.44 PM.png

About the post’s title: A coming winter storm caused our school day to be cut short by 2.5 hours. Atlanta has a bad history with ice and highways, so I’m glad the governor asked us to all be home by 3pm today, even though it’s only now (5:30pm) starting to precipitate solid stuff.

The last day of JanTerm is the saddest day of JanTerm. We finished building lamps and Alien Projectors, presented the results, and held a “we loved having you in the class” feelings fest farewell. Above is one of my top 3 favorite lamps from the class. These kids found a giant toy C-130 plane at the thrift shop and converted it into an LED lamp.

Below is the circuit I helped kids solder for their alien projectors. If I were going to do this project again, I’d solder two LEDs in parallel so it’d be twice as bright. I’d also like to get some time on the school’s laser cutter for more interesting cutouts.


Big shoutout to the students of Making & DIY Culture as well as my colleague, Robin-Lynn Clemmons. This class was a blast to be a part of. Monday’s an inservice day for us to get grades in order then it’s on to second semester on Tuesday.


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