Day 92: Making a Finished Project

Friday, 15 January 2015


I have a bad habit as a maker of starting but never finishing anything. Today was the day I applied a little individual discipline and got the kids to finish something. We focused mostly on the Lamp Project as well as the Plush Monster Project.

Above, a table group of students review one kid’s plans for his lamp. This one is interesting — he bought a guitar stand, a batter’s helmet, and a baseball glove. His plan is to hang the helmet as shown and put the lamp inside. The result is a floor lamp. The other group members are giving him feedback on his plans.

For plush monsters, I sat with a group and backed all the way up to threading a needle. We ripped out stitches and redid almost all the work previously done. Pro tip for etextiles: go over working circuits in clear nail polish to lock things down and prevent shorts.


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