Day 89: Making LED Matrix Trays

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

wp-1452630538741.jpgA student working on his LED Matrix Dessert Tray. This project has proven tricky because the instructions assume some familiarity that we don’t have with circuits, the materials used, and making in general. Our kids have done a great job figuring out what’s meant by an instruction by studying pictures and making intelligent guesses.

We were visited today by our school’s president and two other teachers. The kids were fabulous at explaining what they were working on! My teaching partner is excellent at introducing an adult to a kid and getting the kid to take over the conversation.

Above left: we’ve taken to putting the daily schedule on the board. With two teachers and 23 students, we find it helps everyone know what’s coming.

Above right: Three robotics students demonstrate the prototyping electronics and pneumatics board they built. It’s a portable platform designed to quickly connect prototypes for testing.

I’m still feeling rushed at every moment of the day. We’ve clearly packed too much into them. On the one hand, we want a variety of projects to show kids the breadth of the maker community. But on the other, we want to allow time for kids to finish projects. We seem to do better at the former paradigm.


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