Day 88: Making Plush Monsters (& Messes)

Monday, 10 January 2016


A student works on her plush monster project. We allowed about two hours and could have used about three. Also, teaching sewing to a group as large as ours (23 kids) is incredibly difficult.

For the three pictures above:

Left, a student uses PVC cement to connect parts to a miniature soccer goal for the Snookball court we’re building. This is the first time these kids have ever used PVC cement.

Top right, the “ground crew” during our reverse (or naked) egg drop (here are a video and project description we referenced). This egg drop competition is the mess I referred to in the title. It was about 35°F this morning when we were outside for about an hour, several kids missed the target, and several containers caused the egg to bounce out and land on the pavement.

Bottom right, the robotics team’s countdown clock shows the number of work hours until we must stop building, an event known as Bag & Tag, which is six weeks away. I help coach FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team #2415, the WiredCats.


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