Day 87: Making LED Matrices

Friday, 8 January 2016


We practiced soldering and began construction on the LED Matrix Dessert Tray project. Above, a row of LEDs are being tested for good connections.

Interesting stuff happens when you hand out a few LEDs, batteries, and soldering stations. Kids begin to wonder how they might wire stuff up (the above left example is a student I taught last year, who already had a basic understanding of parallel and series connections). Also, upon wiring up these “flashlights”, students wondered how long they’d burn (spoiler: still going strong more than 24 hours later).

The directions we found over on MAKE Magazine lacked critical details. Figuring those details out was a great learning experience for several kids. Should we contact the author with suggestions for improvements? Should we post clarifications on our own page? Still puzzling that out.


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