Day 86: Making Progress

Thursday, 7 January 2015 2016

We bought all the materials and began assembling our Snookball court. Big thanks to Home Depot Vinings for the field trip yesterday that enabled our kids to shop so knowledgeably today.


Pictured above are  the pockets (which will get goals over the next few days) and the side rails. Since cinderblocks weigh about 30 pounds, they are quite solid when a soccer ball rebounds.

Snookball is our gift to the rest of the Upper School. We unveil the game next Thursday during a community time break in the afternoon.

I took half the class shopping for materials and my colleague had the other half here for a toy take apart activity. The results were grotesque and the project has been deemed a highlight of the class.

Top left: the grotesque. Top right: the dog toy plays music (“Wild Thing”) when triggered. Here, a student has attached it to an Arduino and a limit switch so that the song plays when a ball hits the back of the goal on our Snookball court.

Below, that toy I’m pointing to caused a kid to slice her finger open and I had to break out the blood spill cleanup kit. Fingers crossed she doesn’t need stitches.



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