Day 85: Making Snookball

Wednesday, 6 January 2016


When the highlight of your day is a field trip to Home Depot, you might be in a maker class. We took the kids, initially wanting them to learn about how screws and lumber are sized. They also now know MDF, OSB, poplar, and pressure treated pine. In addition, they can tell you when to pick a galvanized screw as well as what lag bolts are useful for.

The manager of our local Home Depot was incredibly accommodating. We told him exactly what we wanted the kids to learn about and he arranged for associates to teach it.

Afterwards, we spent time fleshing out our Snookball game plans (but shhhh, it’s a surprise to the rest of the school — we’re making it a present to them!).

Side note based on my grading of homework: about half my kids understand can say why it might be useful for makers to embrace open source methodologies. I’d not heard the term till I was in my mid 20s, so I consider this a win.


One thought on “Day 85: Making Snookball

  1. Awesome! Being in software, “OpenSource” is a concept long embraced by computer geeks.

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