Days 69-70: PoCC

Thursday and Friday, Dec 3 & 4 2015

I’m in Tampa for the annual People of Color Conference. (Top left: the Southern contingent of teachers attending PoCC.)

Given that I’m not a person of color, my attendance here is interesting.  According to the conference website, PoCC is

“designed for people of color as it relates to their roles in independent schools. Its programming should include offerings that support people of color as they pursue strategies for success and leadership. Its focus should be on providing a sanctuary and networking opportunity for people of color and allies in independent schools as we build and sustain inclusive school communities.”

Practically, this mission means that unlike most independent school settings, the majority of the PoCC attendees and presenters are people of color.

PoCC is not my space and my presence, even as an ally, is actually detrimental to the last part of the conference mission. I never thought of that before and it’s tough to know what to do with, though I do know I want to preserve this space as a haven for people of color in independent schools.


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