Day 63: Automated Irrigation

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Toured the greenhouse today. Above is one of the raised beds my classes will be building an automated irrigation system in. There are three main parts to this project: 1) students building and understanding the system that controls a sprinkler valve, 2) the documentation of the system we build, and 3) the interactions with our client (Garden Managers Emily and Joey).

Our system is based around the Vegetronix Soil Moisture Sensor and relay boards.

More detail on this project is coming to my regular blog soon!wpid-wp-1447964039238.jpg

Above, James is showing the kids our 500-ish gallon cistern inside the greenhouse. That’s the water we have to work with over the winter for three raised beds plus the seedlings in smaller containers.


Above, Joey is showing students how he determines how much water’s left in the cistern using a bamboo stick with depth marks on it.

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