Day 51: Stress Activity

Thursday, 29 October 2015


Plot your stress level as a function of time for the last two weeks. Think about the stress scale, probably even putting names to some discrete stress levels. Discuss with your table. Now, share, if you want. Here’s my graph.

What do you do when you experience a blip in your stress level? Watch Netflix? Play video games? Go for a run? Me, I spin my wheels thinking about all the time I don’t have to get all the things done. That’s hardly a productive move, right?

I felt this in an extreme way this morning. I did two things to help: 1) get someone to take a little off my plate and 2) do the easiest thing on my list so I feel a small win at the start of the day.


This student was in the musical which had performances last week.

Now, ball up these stress graphs and throw them in the recycling bin. Doesn’t it feel good to get rid of stress?

What a great impromptu activity! I was anxiety-ridden this morning and needed to share with my kids once I found a path out of the mess. After class, I heard several kids say they liked the activity. This one’s a keeper.


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