Day 18: Adafruit and Sweet New Years

Friday, 11 September 2015


See that giant burn blister on my ring finger? I hate that it’s so tiny because, dang!, it hurts and I want your sympathies.

Nothing exciting in class today (though I’m increasingly happy with how I’m building up to resonance in open and closed pipes), so let me tell you about the two best parts of my day: 1) Apples & Honey and 2) after school tinkering with Adafruit.

My school is Christian with a non-trivial Jewish student population. I like to observe Rosh Hashanah by bringing in apples and honey and inviting the Jewish kids to join me. Today, I saw about a dozen kids (maybe a third of all the Jews) during their lunch period. We ate 8 apples, a round loaf of Rosh Hashanah challah, and a ton of cherry honey blondies.

After school, I tinkered with the Techno Tiki RGB LED Torch project. My JanTerm colleague* and I started earlier in the week but we hit frustrating roadblocks over soldering to the tiny NeoPixel strips. Today, I had better luck but don’tcha know it I burned myself with the soldering iron. Been tinkering with getting the Arduino sketch to download to the Gemma controller board but my computer is giving me hassles over the USB connection. So, I’m gonna call it a night and look at it again when I’m better rested.

*JanTerm: a 3 week intensive course taught mostly in teams at our school. This year, I’m teaching a Maker class. My colleague and I wanted to practice with a small-ish project that would demonstrate Arduino, soldering, and the like.


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