Day 77: Exam Review

Friday, 5 December 2014


I promised the kids an exam review today even though the exam is over a week away. My goal is to encourage students to prepare for the exam over a longer period of time. And since my past experience shows many students don’t start prepping till review day, I wanted to encourage good study habits.

When they got to class, I handed out whiteboards and markers, and told them to outline a unit we studied. We then assembled all the boards along the front of the room and read each others’ work. We discussed big themes that popped out as well as “oh crap, I forgot all about that” moments. I then highlighted anything I felt was missing. In one class, the kids asked me to solve an echo problem because they remember feeling like that was difficult at the time.

Here are some of the whiteboards we created on Friday.

IMG_20141205_093550 IMG_20141205_104936 IMG_20141205_105004


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