Day 67: Discovery Trip

Friday, 14 November 2014

IMG_20141114_164702 IMG_20141114_164738
Taught two classes then skedaddled out to AH Stephens State Park for a weekend expedition with 10 freshmen, 3 outdoor (student) leaders, and one other faculty member. Above are all the students on expedition. Read more about Discovery, our outdoor and experiential ed program that all freshmen take part in.

This was our coldest weekend of the year so far — Friday night while we were still awake, we saw temps as low as about 30°F. The kids were troopers, though. They happily cooked dinner, cleaned up, and stood around our massive campfire talking. Friday night dinner was silver turtles. The students do all the prep work and cleanup, making this the easiest faculty supervision I have all year long.

Over the rest of the weekend, we went geocaching in the park and did other camping stuff like hanging out by the campfire. Did I mention it was cold?


A group of our kids hunt for a geocache while on weekend expedition.




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