Day 58: Conferences

Monday, 3 November 2014
Today was set aside for advisement conferences, no school for students. I met with the parents of the eight young women I advise. Exhausting but totally worth it to see the whole-picture view of these students.

I also spent time picking the brain of my neighbor next door. My grading load is crazy right now, so I asked how he manages it. He told me three things: 1) break bigger labs into several smaller chunks, 2) get kids to self-correct their labs in pen when you go over them just before turning the labs in, and 3) only grade some parts of the lab. He said he mixes what he grades up, sometimes grades what he deems important other times going kind of random on them. I’m totally behind him on breaking labs into chunks. Done. It never occurred to me that I could have kids do quiz-style corrections on labs. Genius! He grants nearly full credit for a corrected answer to a lab question. I can do that, starting pretty much immediately. As for grading a portion, I dunno. But for now, the first two help me out a bunch.

Man, I love having colleagues who teach what I do and know what’s up.


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