Day 56: Practicing What They Preach

Thursday, 30 October 2014
A group of teachers seeking to make some changes in the middle school regarding STEAM[1] initiatives sought our feedback as the schoolwide STEAM learning group. They brought what they called low-res models and held an otherwise fairly standard feedback session where we left comments on stickies. The models were super-cool as a way to visualize what they were talking about.

I was blown away because I’m so used to folks lecturing to me about how I should stop lecturing. This small working group is indeed practicing what they preach, modeling the skills they want us to use in the classroom.

[1] STEAM stands for Science Technology Engineering Art and Math. There’s a group of us who meet weekly to plan an annual show of STEAM projects around the school. Along the way, we learn about the relevant amazing work our colleagues are doing.

This day last year: Day 56: Critical Angles


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