Day 35: Field of View in a Flat Mirror

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


In the last part of their flat mirror lab, I ask kids to describe how their view changes as their distance to the mirror changes. Every year, they tell me they see more of themselves in a mirror the farther they hold the mirror from their face. In order to bust this misconception, I scaled things up a bit with the above setup.


imageThey’re also always shocked when I show them the view isn’t changing at all. I remain unconvinced however that I’m actually busting a misconception and imagine instead that I’m totally bumming out Derek Muller.

Also, on Monday, I said I’d try a new approach to teaching kids to sight a distant object using a ruler. The problem is that we need to trace light rays accurately in the Mirror Lab. Yesterday I had great success with the ideas my colleague and I brainstormed. I had them practice with the clock then with an image of a pushpin in a mirror.

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