Day 34: Mirror Mazes

Tuesday, 30 September, 2014


The mirror maze is my favorite lab of the year and above is a pair of students’ work from today. Only a small number of lab groups get this thing on the first try.

Download my flat mirrors lab.

Kids are asked to get a laser beam from start to end going through at least three mirrors. Since this is year three with the lab, I can tell you the most frustrating part is the mirrors beingΒ silvered on the back. Kids establish a line where the mirror goes then have to slide the mirror forward so the silvered side is on the line.


Kids have a real love-hate relationship with the lab because I refuse to tell them how to apply the law of reflection, which they worked out in the first half of the lab.

This day last year: Last Class TestsΒ (which reminds me, I never posted the test results here)


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