Day 30: Math & Science Club

Wednesday, 24 September 2014



The Drew Charter Math & Science Club for students in grades 3-5 is off to a great start. I drive the Westminster kids over to Drew Charter School (about half an hour away) twice a month to lead math & science activities with very excited elementary kids. Above are chromatography projects created by the students this week.

Math & Science club is completely student-driven, from writing a grant for funding to planning activities each week. I get to join in as a participant when I drive them every other Wednesday.

Even better is that the leaders keep a blog of their work: The Gravitational Pull of Math & Science.

In class today (only 7th and 4th periods met), I taught a little about the electromagnetic spectrum, getting off on quite an entertaining tangent that started with colorblindness and ending up at the mantis shrimp.

This day last year: Binder Checks


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