Day 29: Waves & Sound Tests

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Three of my four classes took the Waves & Sound Unit Test today. Above is a great example of my Moodle testing with partial credit on paper. This kid seems to have mixed up frequency and period, though he did show correct, if unlabeled, calculations on his paper. I was proud of him for using units on his numbers in the calculations.

My process works great if your tests are online, though the paper version as first described by Frank Noschese also works great (at least on quizzes). For your reading, I’ve written before about how my students’ real-time test corrections is a wonderful learning experience (Day 72 last year).

My testing process goes like this: take test, call me over when you’re ready to hit submit, trade your pencil for a colored (non bleed through!) pen, then do your corrections. Why should they do corrections? I motivate them by pointing out they’ll likely get better credit if they point out what they did right (or where they went wrong) then if I have to infer from their work on paper. I also tell my kids how I thrived in Auburn’s physics classes mostly due to partial credit, so this is a thing. If nothing else works, knowing that kids usually add 10-20% to their raw test scores through this process motivates them. I’ve developed a pretty standard scale for granting credit so the process is speedy and fair.

Also today was the first binder check of the school year. While kids tested, I reviewed the work in their binders. The Post It template I found online and modified for my needs is here.


This day last year: Physics PLC Day



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