Day 18: Natural Frequencies

Monday, 8 September 2014mitre saw mc
Today I taught a freshman to operate the mitre saw in our workshop. She’s building pan pipes and was thrilled at the prospect of not sawing everything by hand. I don’t think I’ve seen someone so scared of a power tool in my life, though. By her third cut she was at least looking a teensy bit more comfortable.

In class, we learned about natural frequencies & resonance through a few demonstrations and newsreel footage I like:

Next year, this talk will go before the harmonics so as to flow better. I jumped into harmonics and standing waves so the kids could know how to calculate for their musical instruments.

Falling behind is something I constantly worry about. Especially when last year I had to shorten my electric circuits unit so much at the end of the semester. Upon reviewing this blog from last year, I see I’m going to finish the unit on Sound & Waves earlier than last year. Bam! Another great use of the 180 blog — Lesson Planning in Retrospect™.

What was the warmup in 4th and 5th periods today?

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 9.02.17 PM



Hahaha! It’s the same warmup I used on the same day of school last year.

This day last year: Mary Had a Little Lamb



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