Day 17: Forced Resonance

Friday, 5 September 2014


Research papers are due today in all four of my classes. More on that in a bit. The picture above, though, is because I had a spare half hour in two of the classes so we played with forced resonance in wine glasses. Some of the best moments in class happen when we explore an area of genuine curiosity (the glasses were just sitting out…funny that). One class segue’d to “can a singer really break a glass with only her voice?” (Yes) I wish I had more moments like it.

In past years, we’ve written the musical instrument research papers outside of class. Because of poor quality last year and stress levels that were visible on this year’s faces, I opted to give them plenty of class time to write them. In the course of writing musical instrument research papers, the kids also learned how to calculate lengths of open pipes, closed pipes, and stringed instruments.

While answering questions from the young authors, I found this video that helped at least one young woman make a breakthrough on what exactly a standing wave is:


Y’all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you on the flip side!

This day last year: Early Stages of Prototyping (at least on this one thing I’m a week ahead)


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