Day 16: Did Barbie Survive?

Thursday, 4 September 2014


Algebra 2 students do their Barbie Bungee in or school’s grand foyer. These kids are in my colleague’s class and I was just an observer. It’s always great fun to visit another teacher’s class, so I thank Anita for inviting me to watch the activity. I filmed two drops then used the YouTube editor to put them together and add slo-mo sections. I’m pretty happy with the result and may reference it in the future for students to use for projects.

In my own classes, OP* delivered. I waited till the students really needed to know how to compute the length of their string or wind instruments (for building their own) and only then walked them through the calculations. Before I taught the kids, I spent time thinking about how to present the information, even going as far as to record myself teaching it. The video is nice to share with them but that wasn’t the point — thinking through my presentation was. Here’s the lesson:

Shoutouts to Chris Rime and Leslie Billings for reminding me to take photos this week.

This day last year: High Holiday Hike

* I should stop spending so much time on imgur.


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