Day 14: Prototype Instruments Graded

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.00.46 PM

Screengrab from the prototype video created by E.

Students had to submit a video or writeup on Friday that showed the results of their prototyping with a musical instrument. I gave the kids several discussion prompts and stressed that I wanted videos to resemble a casual discussion between student and teacher. Several kids did a wonderful job — pictured here is E’s video because she truly understood the point of prototyping. Her final instrument will be better for it.

I graded 75 of these videos or writeups over the weekend. Moodle’s rubric grading method made it so much simpler than past efforts using a rubric in a word processor or spreadsheet. In Moodle, I set up my own rubric then graded each student simply by clicking an achievement level and typing individual feedback.


Today in class, kids first spent sometime with standing waves in a string and later had open time to work on their musical instrument research papers.

This day last year: Musical Instruments


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