Day 13: Observing Algebra II

Friday, 29 August 2014


Barbie Bungee Data Collection

A colleague of mine in the math department is doing Barbie Bungee as a data collection & regression analysis exercise with her sophomores. The kids were given 10 rubber bands, Barbie, and directions to collect data. Kids were scouring campus for a spot high enough to drop from after stringing all 10Β rubber bands together.

In my own classes, I demo’d standing waves with theΒ mechanical vibrator (unfortunate name for what is probably my favorite piece of demo equipment). I stood back and just let them ask questions about what they observed. Man, I’d love to have a class set of these suckers so I could create a standing wave lab. Two years running now, this demonstration has been one of the most captivating of the year.

This day last year: Working for the Weekend


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