Day 8: Quiz Corrections

Friday, 22 August 2014


All four sections of physics took their first content quiz on Moodle. Kids are getting their first taste of how I dole out partial credit, how Moodle quizzes work, and (oh yeah) working on some physics.

Above is a quiz question straight outta Moodle and some exemplary student work + corrections. My directions to the kids: take the quiz, hit submit, put down the pencil, get a colored pen, correct anything you now know to be wrong. This is a tricky process to accustom kids to — I think it’s too many things to consider at once. Next year, I’m considering easing them into this process with a little more structure.

The second half of class was devoted to our wave properties lab. Here’s one group figuring out a longitudinal wave’s speed in a giant slinky:

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