Day 176: Proctoring

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Old science teachers.

(40 year) old science teachers.

Today, I proctored a math exam — Algebra II. Proctoring mostly means I have time to do my own thing, including catching up on 180 blogging. Additionally, I read the rest of the rocket project papers (that were turned in late!) and generally killed time.

I did peek at the math exam to see both content and delivery method. The exam came in two parts — green to be done without calculator and white may optionally use a calculator. Green gets turned in permanently before grabbing your calculator. Also, the exam as a joint effort among all the Honors Algebra II teachers.

  • Do you have common exams? I’ve never done that and worry that I’d forget to teach my kids something important on it. I guess there’s some fear of accountability here and is something I need to get over. Closest I’ve come to a common exam is the Math II End of Course Test here in Georgia and that’s not exactly the same.
  • Do you have students sign an honor pledge on all tests and exams? I haven’t but notice many around my independent school do. Pros? Cons?

After the exam, the science teachers convened at our department chair’s home for our annual luncheon and a surprise 40th birthday cake for three of us. The year is almost done on this, my 10th year of teaching. It’s weird to think of all that’s changed in that time. I was hired with zero experience by a school willing to take a chance because I had passion. I got to teach some pretty amazing kids in the intervening time and have had a share of challenging students I’ll also never forget. 2 more wakeups.



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