Day 166: Exam Review & A Field Trip

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Exam review schedule for Ms. H-G’s students.


We’re down to the last three weeks of school with the last being completely final exams. In an effort to encourage kids to prep in advance (rather than cram at the last minute), I’ve set up an exam review schedule that uses my office hours time the next two weeks. Office hours at my school are a little different than the college model of the same name. Every day, I’m expected to be in my classroom for questions or help for half an hour.

My schedule sets up 1/2 hour review sessions for every unit. This very setup is something I’ve resisted in the past, preferring instead to have kids bring their study questions to me but my kids the last two years have requested a more structured review period. Since they’re freshmen, coming out of a middle school where they get an entire week of structured review, I felt like it was a reasonable accommodation.

The first session is tomorrow during an office hours period that’s a schedule oddity — I’ll let you know how the kids like it.


The Green Gym at my school.

After lunch today, I walked with a colleague to the Green Gym at my school. This gym is an older building that’s really close to the science building I teach in. We’re scoping it out as possible (shared) robotics practice space. The robotics team I help coach has a great workshop but no space for drivers to practice. This winter, we were driving in the foyer of our middle school, which is sub-optimal in so many ways.

And even though my school is situated on a 50+ acre campus, we’re extremely limited on indoor space. For instance, this gym is used by an assortment of athletic teams to practice throughout winter, so I don’t think we’ll be able to use it. But dang, the space is perfect for a FIRST robotics team to use. I’m coveting it something fierce.


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