Day 137: Video & Presentations

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


I volunteered my 6th period class to be part of a school promotional video. Above, the viedographer and director help the kids look natural while wearing the safety glasses they’ve never seen before (but look sufficiently science-y to go on) and the lab materials they won’t use until tomorrow. Apparently, fake it till you make it isn’t something these kids know about.


Meanwhile, 7th period finished their classwork and presented one problem. We had a sheet of ~5 force problems. I asked every kid to draw the free body diagram for each and solve one problem that I assigned them. Groups of two presented their one problem to the class. As usual, I was disappointed with presentations and am prepared to abandon them again for the foreseeable future because the kids goof off too much. Ugh, I know the value of practicing communicating your knowledge but can’t bring myself to “waste” class time on this goofing. I know that I need to figure out a better way to develop communication skills.



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