Day 131: Like a Boss

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Today, a couple of my classes needed to finish their classwork on equilibrium. In the picture above, the young man is explaining how to find the angle of an equilibrium force given two other forces. He’s only understood the problem for about 5 minutes before this group of young women ask the same question. He jumped in and offered to help. His explanation was super-awesome.

On the physics of it all: Equilibriants stymie so many of my kids. Why is this? I think it’s because they aren’t methodical in their drawings and lose sight of what they’re solving for. Also, too many kids want to memorize some formula to get their angle into standard position (Stu: “So I always add my angle to 270?” Me: “No, depends on your picture.” Them: “So I always add 180?” Me: *facepalm*)

On the class management of it all: Every topic we study includes a classwork assignment, a homework assignment, and usually a quiz. The three-prong approach is working well this year. 


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