Day 125: Comments Due

Monday, 3 March 2014

Is this what I want my comments to say?

Is this what I want my comments to say?

One of the biggest differences between public  and independent school teaching is the individual attention we’re asked to give our students. To that end, my school asks us to write narrative comments for students at mid-semester. Ours were due today at 8:30am.


  • about 14 hours of work, most of that on Sunday afternoon cause I’m last-minute like that
  • 4000 characters and 9000 words (about 150 per kid)
  • focused on academic performance
  • includes 15 recommendations for moving into an honors science class next fall (5 boys, 10 girls, 2 people of color)

Is that what I want my comments to say? Basically, yes. I am happy with the concreteness of the comments — they offer specific advice on academic improvement, usually “do the homework you don’t currently do”. I’d prefer that I had more specific details on student performance from the last 9 weeks. That happens only when I remember to maintain my Evernote student-comments notebook daily.

Note to self: jot notes into the Evernote comments on a daily. Make sure I’ve noted something about every kid every 2 weeks. Details matter.

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