Day 115: Your Consequence

Monday, 17 February 2014


A former colleague of mine has this sign in her classroom: “Your consequence for not doing the assignment is doing the assignment.” This post is about that sign’s message.

About a third of my students blew off their snow day assignment from last week. Only one had a really good excuse — his power was out for the entire 48 hours we were out of school. So, after consulting with my department chair, IĀ “invited” them all to spend office hours with me Monday and Tuesday to make up for the time they didn’t give me over the snow days. Here’s the email I sent:

Because you didn’t complete your snow day assignment, I need you to attend office hours after school on Monday and Tuesday to make up both the time and the assignment. You owe me a total of 60 minutes missed class time plus a completed assignment. Even if you complete the assignment before Monday, please report to my room.

I appreciate my department chair’s idea because it respects the kids who did their work and doesn’t get me into a blame game with those who didn’t. Most kids didn’t have a valid excuse, so this is kind of like a detention for them.Ā 


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