Days 102-104: Snow Days!

Wednesday, 29 January to Friday, 31 January 2014


As of Friday, the drivetrain for our ‘bot looked like this. By Sunday evening, it was driving (well, we were driving it!).

I live in Atlanta where we usually get a little snowfall every year. Sometimes it sticks. Rarely is the depth measured in inches. Winter weather is a huge event here, mostly because our city has almost no salt trucks or snow plows. When winter weather hits, it usually means icy roads that cannot be cleared, so we just shut the city down for a few days till it warms back up.

Well, this happened this week.

After it was over, we’d been snowed out of school three days. On Friday, I was finally able to drive safely to campus and supervise robotics students in the workshop. The video and photos above are from Friday afternoon.

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