Day 101: The Day the Snow Came

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I was scheduled to teach four classes today but only got to teach about 1.5. That’s because a snow/ice storm hit us around lunch time. School dismissed at noon.


I met with the robotics coaches at noon and by 1:30 there was a good dusting on the ground.


The Jeep was covered! I was able to (very carefully) make it home behind cars slippin’ and a slidin’ all over the roads. Then this happened:

APTOPIX Winter Weather Georgia

Photo by AP.

You see, a bunch of really cold days, then a 60° F day, followed by snow leads to snow that melts upon contact with the ground then very quickly ices. Our driving habits and de-icing resources just aren’t built for this. So when 1 million drivers hit the 6 lanes out of Atlanta they caused the worst commute anyone’s ever seen — several colleagues took 8 hours to drive home a distance of 6 miles.

It doesn’t matter what I did inside the classroom. I’ll always remember this day for the return of Hothlanta, Snowmageddon, or SnowJam.


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