Day 97: Not Getting It

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Generally speaking, I love the system I’ve worked out for partial credit. Kids take a test on Moodle, hit submit, and get immediate results as well as the correct answer to every problem.

If their answer is wrong but they can correct it before turning in the test work, I offer partial credit. Kids must classify their error as math or physics, point out where they went wrong, and show correct work.

This kid doesn’t get it. Or maybe the kid is kidding him/herself. The”weird math mistake” is a farce. Later, the kid claimed “calculator problem” on the same type of mistake.

Most of my students understand the partial credit business and genuinely reflect here. I have a few (under 15%) who refuse to be honest with themselves. Solution: next test, if you’re wrong about the mistake classification, I’m not giving you partial credit.


One thought on “Day 97: Not Getting It

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